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From Tehran to Hamburg with Hadi Teherani


Hadi Tehrani, the prominent German-Iranian architect, was a guest to Pars university on Tuesday, October 24th, to attend to the meeting "from Tehran to Hamburg" held by executive and cultural affairs department of Pars university (DekaPars). Hadi Tehrani is a prosperous architect that is renowned worldwide. He immigrated to Germany during his childhood and is now a popular character in his country. A lot of well-known and priceless buildings in Germany and Europe are designed and executed by him.

He is now teching Architectural design for the students of Energy and architecture and is the fellow professor for the students of architecture and architecture technology as well, making the Pars university slogan come true: Pars university, the university of great professors.
The meeting was held with a lot of attendants including students, professors and architect enthusiats from different universities of the country. the meeting began with the Pars university anthem and continiued with a clip form Hadi Tehrani. Afterwards, Tehrani gave a speech and talked about his designs including clothes designs and industrial design to villa designing. Finally after Tehrani's speech, Pars university dean, Prof. Mahmood Golabchi gave a short speech and gave Tehrani an appreciation exquisite gift.

تاریخ ارسال: 1396/08/08

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