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Pars University
Concluding an Agreement Between the Vice President for Science and Technology and Pars University of Architecture and Art

Considering that Pars University of Architecture and Art is among the leading and active universities in the field of technology and moving across the knowledge borders, as well as exploiting the best professors graduated from the best universities in the world, your agreement with the Vice President for Science and Technology took place in order to achieve the long-term goal of the scientific perspective of the country and the use of scientific and professional reserves of human capital abroad.

According to this agreement, Pars University of Architecture and Art is present in this program as a "partner base" selected in the list of bases. Therefore, all Iranian graduates, professors and entrepreneurs abroad can send their applications to benefit from the announced facilities.

Cooperation program with Iranian specialists and entrepreneurs abroad in order to transfer knowledge, experience and technological ideas to the inside by the Center for International Science and Technology Interactions and in cooperation with universities, research institutes, science and technology parks, technology companies and growth and innovation centers is implemented as a "specialized partner base" to support the implementation of research and technological projects such as postdoctoral, academic research opportunity, visiting professor, start-up technology businesses, employment in technology companies and holding lectures and specialized workshops to establish effective communication between specialists and selected scientific and technological centers of the country.

The goals of this program are as follows:

Use of scientific and professional expertise of Iranian experts abroad in scientific, technological and industrial centers of the country
Upgrading the scientific and professional level of the host bases
Providing suitable conditions for the development of emerging and advanced technologies in the country
Providing conditions for transferring new skills and methods by Iranian specialists abroad to inside

Assisting in the establishment of technology companies in the field of advanced technology


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